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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

I went to de. This Christmas have been special for me, like every year. I celebrated with my family. They have been very and very well and I would like every day was like this. My Chrismas holidays were very funny because with my family we were going to many places. I have not got many gifts, but I have had very valuable ones because the gifts were to perform magic. My brother prepared Chrismas tree. My parents prepared the Chrismas food, and I rest to the sofa. This are my Chrismas holidays. This year the kings have brought me many presents.

I wish you Merry Chrismas!!!

Christmas Traditions from Around the World

That Friday was very funny because all the college did a Christmas party with performances, dances and we sang some songs: War is over and a mixture of Christmas commercial advertisements. The Christmas day was nice. I received some presents and my family and I had a delicious lunch. We celebrated the Nem Year in a hotel, in Campelles, with my cousin and my mum.

Next day we went to the mountain to touch the snow. I enjoyed this holidays very much but they have been very short. My christmas holidays: Christmas holidays are my favourite holidays, because there are a lot of special days. On Christmas day I had lunch with my family.

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It was funny and some of our friends acted in it. On New year I celebrated it with my family. On the 2nd of January it was my birthday. On the 6th of January was the three kings day. I tink it is the best of the holidays. I got a lot of presents. My Christmas holidays were funny and wonderful because I could stay with all of my family. In these days, I had more time to read and ride bike.

I also could go out more with my friends. Besides with the friends and the family, of course. That night I could not sleep!!

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The following day I alredy expected the morning to be able to go down to the dinig room to search the gifts impatient. It was the best day of the holidays for me! But not everything lasts forever because on Thursday I had to come back to the high institute again. My Christmas holidays were very familiar. My Christmas holidays started on the20th of December. On the 22nd of December I went to Andorra and I remained there one night. On the 24th of December we hit the log. On the 31st December we had dinner with my cousins a and my uncles.

On the 6th of January we had dinner with my uncles. Last Christmas I had lot of celebrated. First, we celebrated Christmas. On the 23rd December we celebrated my birthday, we were eating chocolate cake. On the 25th we celebrated Christmas and we had lunch with my family, at a restaurant. Finally, everybody came back to the high school. I decorated the tree. On the 2nd of December. Below you will find some interesting Christmas facts for various countries. If you want to learn more about other interesting Christmas traditions in those countries simply click on the links to go to our country-specific Christmas pages.

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Then children get sweets and little gifts. Many cities in France are decorated, especially in the Alsace region, where they say the first decorated Christmas trees appeared as far back as the 14th century. Christmas Day, 25th of December is a public holiday and families get together for a big feast. On this day also presents get exchanged. This is for many the most important part of the Christmas decorations.

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The nativity scene display with a crib filled with straw, originally stems from Italy and is now common occurrence in many countries around the world. Read more about traditions and celebrations for Christmas in Italy. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, festive Christmas markets are set up on main squares in many cities.

Houses are often decorated with fairy lights and festive ornaments in December, however, in Germany the Christmas tree is usually only put up and decorated at the homes in the morning of the 24th of December. Shops close early on Christmas eve, so remember that you have to get your Christmas shopping done until lunchtime.

Read here how Christmas is celebrated in German families.

In England, most people start with Christmas decorations early, that is as early as mid of November. Many families decorate their houses with lots of fairy lights and sparkling displays.

Essay on Winter Solstice

Often the house owners collect donations from visitors to their displays in aid of local charities. So remember if you like a display place some spare coins into the honesty boxes and help the good causes. Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Day, the 25th of December.

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  7. Christmas celebrations in Iceland start on 24th of December, Christmas eve. Families get together and enjoy good food and many visit midnight mass. In the image below you can see how the lanterns look. The Christmas lanterns are on sale during Christmas time in the many markets in the Philippines. In Singapore, about two in ten people are Christians.


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    Christmas, however, is very commercialised in Singapore and Christmas decorations are abundant in the city with masses of tiny fairy light decorations. Stunning decorations can be seen everywhere in the main shopping district, Orchard Road as you can see in the image below. Or visit the Gardens on the Bay for a truly stunning Christmas Wonderland with light installations and concert.

    The display there is open until 26 December. As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the festive season is during summer time and thus it is easy to understand that during Christmas time friends and family often gather at the beach. Many people visit Christmas mass on Christmas day as well. At the Waterfront there are many Christmas concerts during the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Read more about Christmas in Cape Town here.

    Christmas is celebrated on 25th and 26th of December. On Christmas Day, families get together for a festive meal after exchanging gifts.