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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

So it was easy to obtain the permissions and sanctions required to start and operate the business in a bureaucratic country like China. Moreover, Starbucks could also maintain a high standard on the control of production, and achieve an ideal revenue in the Chinese market. Starbucks formed a joint venture with different partners at different times when it entered the Chinese market. Starbucks achieved considerable knowledge about the Chinese market conditions and then began to open Starbucks stores in China.

The company adopted a strategy of having three different partners to enter different regions in the Chinese market. Ltd, which was as their first partner. There are some advantages for Starbucks with a joint venture to enter the Chinese market. First of all, Starbucks choose a good local partner to form a joint venture which can help it better understand the local laws and negotiate better with the authorities.

It is beneficial for Starbucks to obtain the required permissions and sanctions so that it can be opened easily. Secondly, local partners know the Chinese market condition better than Starbucks; therefore, it is an effective and efficient method for Starbucks to adopt a few localization strategies to satisfy different regions of customers.

Last but not least, the joint venture is a good way for Starbucks to reduce operation expenditure, and it also helps to reduce risks in the Chinese market.

According to the choice of the Chinese people and selling a different kind of tea. They also changed their marketing and pricing strategies based on the needs of the Chinese market. When Starbucks started in China, one of the biggest challenges it faced was to make the consumers accustomed to drinking and appreciating coffee. According to analysts, compared to other countries in which Starbucks operated this task was more difficult in China because of the age-old tradition of tea drinking in the country, where coffee was seen as nothing less than a kind of Western invasion.

Starbucks started by projecting the stores as a place for social gathering. The stores were also larger in area than the ones in the US, as the idea was to make the customers feel at home, relax and spend more time there. Similarly, the company took initiatives to teach the customers about the different types of coffees and how to distinguish between flavors.

The customers were given some samples to smell as well as sip and then describe their experience. They also spoke to the customers about the positive effects of drinking coffee.

Starbucks Coffee Company’s Products

For example, they spoke about how drinking coffee helped to change their mood and how it was good to have coffee in the morning. Normally Starbucks follows a high standard technique to maintain its stores worldwide. Small changes were made in the texture, menu and store layout just to match with Chinese culture and food preferences. Within a few months of opening the coffee stores. The company started observing that coffee culture is different for Chinese people than in the US. Where people are very busy in their daily lives and they just grab their coffee and leave.

But in China coffee stores were more like a place for social gathering. Where they can sit and talk for hours with their friends and families. Therefore, according to the market needs they had to square bigger stores. In the US a normal size of Starbucks store is about 1, to 1, square feet whereas in China. They started opening stores bigger than 2, square feet. It was observed that the Chinese also like to have some food along with their drink.

In response to that Starbucks started offering some popular Chinese foods like curry puffs, moon cakes, and traditional cookies. Starbucks incorporates another localize strategy in every country they go, by modifying the name of Starbucks to suit the local language.

Starbucks Corporation’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis - Panmore Institute

Starbucks accepted the reality that maximum people in China like tea more than coffee though the young generation is more likely to go for coffee. So they decided the different menu for different stores in China. In Shanghai and westernized, the stores a standard menu where they served coffee. And in Beijing stores, they introduced different tea-based drinks like coffee-flavored milk tea, green tea-flavored frappuccino, etc.

To promote themselves in China the company chose a different way. It mostly depended on the people to spread goodwill through word of mouth than commercial advertisements and media products. The customers were willing to pay a higher price for the brand name.

As a result young, urban Chinese, who solely start to associate visiting Starbucks or being seen with a Starbucks cup, as a symbol of social status. The tire to build their reputation in terms of, product quality, customer service, employee relationship, etc. From professional to students they had different ways to attract them. And, also use to provide different wireless services so people can feel it like their 3rd home.

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Starbucks uses the highest quality coffee beans from ideal coffee-producing climates. They helped Chinese farmers, made good relationships with their workers. It is the amount paid by the customers for the using of any service or product. Promotion- Promotion considers communication methods with 2 objectives such as informing the potential and existing consumers about the service and product and to influence the consumers for buying of the product.

It is the significant component of the marketing mix. Place- Place is also significant component of the marketing mix. Once products are packaged, promoted and priced they should be available to customers. People : All individuals which are directly and indirectly indulged in the service consumption are considered as the significant part of Marketing Mix. It is very clear that employees, consumers, knowledge workers and management add huge value to entire service or product offering. Process : It is very clear that mechanisms, procedure and activities through which the services are used considered as the essential component of marketing mix.

Starbucks Case Analysis

Physical Evidence : The surrounding in which the service or product is delivered considered as the significant component of expanded marketing mix. The Gabbott approach to the marketing mix is also known as Service Industry Marketing this approach mainly considers the marketing mix for the services which includes 7Ps as compared to the normal marketing mix comprising of 4 Ps. It is very clear that 4Cs model of the marketing is all about consumer oriented and tries to adjust the shift from the mass marketing to the symbiotic marketing.

Commodity: Commodity considered as the product for the citizens and consumers. In other words, commodity can be explained as the raw material like metal, oil and wheat etc and the price of the commodities changes on the daily basis because of the supply and demand of the commodities. Channel : This component includes channels of the marketing such as Distributive and Retailing Strategy. Communication: In general, communication among the seller and the buyer plays a very important role during the process of buying.

The four aspects mentioned below would play a crucial role in the decision making process of the David Jones. The Marketing mix has been done on the product of the David Jones. It is viewed that the David Jones is the oldest departmental store of the Australia and still operating under its real name in the world. The USP of this product is about offering the quality for the wardrobe essentials permits the women to adapt the appearance of the character and save outfits to exchange between.

This product might influence the decisions of the customer because of making the quality for the essentials of wardrobe that comprises sustainable fabrics with longevity and style. Price — It is viewed that Prices are reasonable and this feature would attract more customers for buying the products of David Jones as compared to its competitors. Reasonable pricing would help the David Jones to lure more customers in minimum period of time. Place- This product is sold at the stores of the David Jones. When customers come at the store for buying of other products at that time sales executives tell the customers about the quality made Wardrobe.

In general, if customers are not interested to buy the wardrobe physically they can order the product from online shopping with the help of credit card. Promotion- Promotion can be done with the help of pamphlets, advertising and Internet. This quality made wardrobe is promoted with the help of advertising and pamphlets.

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Some people must be hired who can distribute the pamphlets in the society and aware the women about this product. Internet is the best medium to promote the product because when customers buy the product online they generally see the highlights of existing and upcoming products. Cross- selling plays a very important role in the promotion of the existing and upcoming new product in the market and it helps the David Jones to maintain the competition in comparison to its competitors. Explain how you think each component of the marketing mix interrelates? The marketing mix refers to the process which includes the four essential elements known as Product, Price, Promotion and Place. All the four Components mentioned above are related to each other in some or the other manner. The first component of the marketing mix that is product plays a very significant role as it refers to the main offering of the organization. The buying capacity of the consumer would depend on the price of the product. Promotion is also related to the product, because without promotion consumers would not be educated about the upcoming products.

At last, it can be said that the physical evidence also plays a very crucial role in the process of the consumer buying. Assessment 3 Introduction. This report majorly takes into consideration the marketing mix for one of the leading coffee house i. Starbucks is a specialty coffee house which originated in Seattle. Today the organization has over 15, outlets worldwide.