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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

It is also good to get a recommendation letter from a teacher in the subject that is relevant to the course of study you intend to pursue.

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If you plan to apply as an engineering major, a letter from your physics teacher might hold more weight than one from your English teacher. When to Ask for College Recommendation Letters Ideally, you will ask teachers and counselors if they will write on your behalf at the end of junior year or the very beginning of your senior year. This will give them ample time to plan and draft a thoughtful and comprehensive letter that they can submit as soon as the Common App is available.

Be sure to provide your teacher with proper instructions and any other materials he or she may need to reference, such as your resume or a great assignment you completed in his or her class.

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Some schools place limits on how many recommendations teachers or counselors may write, so be sure to approach them early to ensure they are able to write a letter for you. You can assume that popular instructors will have a lot of students asking for recommendations.

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If you wait too long, they may not have time to write a compelling letter for you. Recommendation letters are just one of many application components, but they are a critical part of completing a full personal and academic profile and require strategic planning.

Be proactive and think about this early so that when the time comes, the process will go much smoother and you will have no hesitation in asking for those letters. For a more in-depth look at recommendation letters and what they add to your college application, be sure to check out our Video Library!

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IvyWise KnowledgeBase. You might also be asked for letters of recommendation — and you may be wondering what those are and why you need them. A letter of recommendation describes who you are as a student, and can include your academic achievements, your efforts in the classroom, and your activities outside of school, just to name a few topics. Most colleges ask you to submit two to three letters from someone usually a teacher who knows you well.

Some colleges may ask for a letter from an academic teacher for example, math or English or from a school counselor, or sometimes both. You may also be asked to submit a letter from someone other than a teacher for example, a coach or employer.

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So, when deciding, think about the following:. You should give your reference s at least one month to write and submit your letter s. Keep in mind, teachers are often asked to write dozens of these letters, so the more time you give them, the better your letter will likely be. Summer is great time for teachers to write these letters!

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Additional Resources Take advantage of all that we have to offer! With MyCoalition , you can store important high school documents and files in your digital Locker, ask for input from trusted family and friends, and even apply to schools with one easy-to-use application. What is a letter of recommendation? Who should you ask for a recommendation?

So, when deciding, think about the following: Who have I had for a class recently?