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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

Most school programs that address bullying use a multi-faceted approach to the problem. This usually involves counseling of some sort, either by peers, a school counselor, teachers, or the principal. Hand out questionnaires to all students and teachers and discuss if bullying is occurring. Define exactly what constitutes bullying at school. The questionnaire is a wonderful tool that allows the school to see how widespread bullying is and what forms it is taking.

Bullying Is Done All Over The World

It is a good way to start to address the problem. If parents of the bullies and the victims are not aware of what is going on at school, then the whole bullying program will not be effective. Bullying also should be discussed during parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings. Parental awareness is key. In the classroom setting, all teachers should work with the students on bullying.

A child never gets a break. Even when in the confines of their own home, they must still contend with the threats made by another student. Cyber bullying is a specific term for an act…. Every day, students are bullied into silence and are afraid to speak up.

What is Bullying Essay?

This is stating that schools are letting bullies get away with bullying, and telling the victims that it is normal. But there is nothing normal about being….

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Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Students can differ from a drama and a bullying situation by looking at the big picture then go on to playing their roles as bystanders. If the bystander or bystanders do nothing when they see or hear someone being bullied they give the victim the idea that nobody cares about them. Bystanders can have a positive impact in these situations; they can help the victim not feel so alone like an outcast, or they can go in the opposite direction and back up the bully and worsen the situation Walker.

For example when a bystander laughs when someone is being bullied it gives the bully the attention they crave and adds fuel to the fire.

Ways to Stop Bullying

Talking to the bystanders helps prevent them form responding in the wrong way; preventing bullying situations from escalating. Twemlow and a colleague found that schools that focus on. Essay Bullying Is The Way We Act Bullying In our generation bullying has become a more common thing to do, especially online because all it takes is a click of a button. Read More. They always live in fear and will find themselves attacking others before they are attacked as a form of protection. As they are bullying the others, they feel comfortable, as it is the only way they can experience importance and power.

The students that receive negative feedback all the time as compared to other students are vulnerable to become bullies in order to be recognized. The final nature is through peer group factors.

We Must Stop Bullying in Schools Essay - Words | Cram

Students who are in schools or neighborhoods that advocate bullying will find themselves engaging in these behaviors. They will engage in bullying with the aim to fit in even if they are uncomfortable with the entire behavior. In addition, bullying is seen top be the leading influencer of violence amongst students. Bullies do not have respects for the fundamental human rights and will always resort to violence with the aim or resolving their issues. The retaliation by the victim might lead to fighting and in some cases gang shootings in schools as reports in the past have shown Lee, Frustration from both the victim and the bully might lead to vengeful acts of violence.

Different schools have reactive measures, which help them in curbing bullying and violence in schools. Some measures such as having surveillance cameras, metal detectors and police officers have not been effective as it was expected. Schools have zero tolerance to acts of bullying and violence in schools. The measures sometimes lead to expulsion and suspensions.

The Effects of Bullying and Why Should It Be Stopped Essay

However, this has been seen to have a negative impact to the life of the victim, as they would end up being victims of violent vengeful attack by the punished student Lee, Nonetheless, schools are expected to come up with programs that would prevent bullying and violence in schools at the same time promoting a positive environment for the victims and the bullies. The programs are expected to have participations from parents, students, members of the community and educators.

The first aspect deals with providing early intervention. This would mean that the bullies should be intervened while they are in early stages of education such preschool, middle school or in elementary. This will work if it is applied together with systematic aggression intervention and counseling for students seen to exhibit bullying behaviors.

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The program is expected to be spear headed by trained mental health personnel and school psychologists who will be responsible for evaluating and selecting the best programs. The schools are also expected to balance between behavioral with discipline support in their system. Clear understanding of the consequences of bullying and violence should be made standard for all the students. The school is expected to impose interventions that are related to positive behaviors, which will be responsible to change the behavior of the students instead of having programs, which are based on solely punishments Rigby, The school is also expected to support the efforts of the parents in teaching the children the expected social skills.

Parents are expected to reinforce positive behaviors, which are related to good interpersonal interactions. This can be done through social workers, school psychologists and counselors who will intervene whenever a student is a victim or starts exhibit bullying behaviors.

enter site The schools are also expected to equip their staff members and teachers with intervention and prevention skills. The teachers are to be trained identifying and responding to damages which might have resulted from victimization. They are to offer positive modeling and feedback which would foster better social interaction. The schools are also responsible for changing the attitude that is presents in bullying.

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This will enable the students to empower each other. For instance, there is a trend in schools whereby the other students become bystanders and watch as the weak students are being bullied. It is important for schools to teach them to stand for each other and work together to stand against bullies Lee, The concept will make the students feel safe whenever they are with their fellow students. When it is a question of bullies, the parents are expected to play a crucial part in ensuring their children do not become bullies.