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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

Have you heard of anyone saying that PMS made him richer. I never. In fact I lost big sum due to mismanagement of PMS, along with several other clients. No one on earth can make money for you except yourself. PMS is a gambling, they play with your money. Better invest only in Fixed Deposits you will not be at dismay at the end. This is my sincere advice. Good Luck! Hi, A very good article to read. I have a question and I hope someone can help me here. I am a financial consultant and intend to take up asset management. Now I am planning to open up a proprietorship company and will ask my client to deposit their monies in the account.

Now, what are the legalities that I need to take care of? Is it possible to avoid double taxation if all my clients sign participatory notes and becomes participant in the said proprietorship company? Hi there, i want to know if i invest in PMS with 2 other joint holders, will the tax implication be on only the first holder or all of the three holders? I think if one is ready to take so much of risk as he is opting for PMS then i would suggest him to go for direct investing in equities and any other option on SIP basis rather than at one go investment which is at high risk. So go for a self portfolio management instead of any PMS provider as if one is ready to take risk of stock market then he must be ready to learn the complexities of stock market.

No one can care better for your money than you. They had made a lot of promises, however presently the value of my portfolio is less than 2. I have observed that they buy a scrip at an x cost and then sell it at a much lower price rather than holding or averaging it. Also they must invest in a few blue chip companies to ensure that in bad times the erosion is not huge and only minimal.

In a PMS the discretion of buying or selling is of the Fund Manager and the main objective is to maximize the returns. A buy and hold strategy is good for investing and producing consistent returns, but it may not be very high.

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Considering the high cost in PMS along with profit sharing the churning is implemented to earn higher returns. This strategy has not paid well as equity markets are difficult to predict in short period. What you need to consider is that any investment which has a short term objective will be at a higher risk in asset class like equities. So a Fund Manager who takes long term view will be more efficient then a FM with a short term objective.

16. Portfolio Management

You need to consider this rule along with taxation aspect to identify which avenue is more appropriate. Raju is there any evidence that this pms has delivered better than market returns over a long term? A typical equity mutual fund costs 2. I would say the average costing of the PMS will range from 1. But would also like to bring to your notice a fact that mutual funds generally performs in line with the benchmark index whereas PMS gives far superior returns compared to the benchmark few ones i personally know are really good. This pms has delivered better than market returns since inception -dec beating bench mark index cnx nifty.

Source of this? Did it beat the market after expenses are deducted?

Case Study: Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company - Harting a Unique Success Trajectory

This fund manager was earlier SBI Magnum mutual fund manager where he did good job and got an award may be the market was good that time and he was lucky enough to time it correctly and his sales Prabhudas Leeladher people are using his brand name to sell his PMS products. I thought PMS can beat the market and for that only we pay the fee to them but this is worst ever mistakes I made. While tried to discuss the sales people of Prabhudas leeladher, who used to make rounds at my office and home until I gave them cheque were not bothered to pick my phone or ever reply to may mails, phone calls or sms.

Tried to speak to Sandip Sambarwal but he do not want to talk, for 3 weeks consistently he kept me telling that he will call today or tomorrow. Everytime some or other excuse he came up with. This company is not even ready to sell my holdings on my instructions which is a horrible experience. If anyone has exp with the above firm ,pl let me know as I am having reservations on PMS after going thro the experiences.

Do self-evaluate a PMS scheme on various parameters before making your decision. Ensure that it meets your objective with regards to cost and other benefits.

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I am businessman. I want to invest through PMS in the name of my company. Pls let me know the PMS fees paid is a deductible expenditure from my Business income or not. I invested in and still continuing. But now it appears Motilal Oswal has become too big for its clients specially if one has relatively small sum.

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Virtually PMS is over for us small investors. Only MFs are there. N C Gupta. I had very very bad experience with PMS services in India. My advice to anybody who wants to invest in India go via Mutual Fund. Only if you want to get looted then feel free. I mean seriously. They will be playing with your money and top of that you will be paying them for annual charges also. For rest they act like strangers.

When you want to open account PMS guy will call you but when you have problem they do not bother to call you. They also have minimum 2 years lock in period. Please inform it to all your friends and loved ones.

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Sorry to hear about the bad experiences with PMS. The whole structure is rife with conflicts of interest this is true in general with most financial products in India, not just PMS. Hi, I want to know how to start a PMS service. Any course to do for this, educational background,any experience. If any courses please inform me.

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Thank You. The scheme does not have any locking period or any exit load Is there anybody in this forum who knows about this scheme or can throw some light on this scheme? A and Mrs. B and the corpus amount we are getting from the bank account of Mrs. B only. Can we accept the receipt of the corpus. B and Mr. A joint account Can we accept the receipt of the corpus. They claim that their portfolio is long term. However I am very skeptical and was researching about PMS, didnt get any concrete information or comparison. I think this is the best place so far. Hi Hemant, I am a CA by profession and new to pms. I am mostly in the audit field. I am working in a ca firm in Pune. I have to do an assignment of due diligence. There is a financial consultancy firm which uses algorithms and other stuff to design strategies for their clients. They then sell the strategies to brokers and high net worth individuals.

Mostly i have to check from the view point of SEBI guidelines.

The above firm provides advisory services.