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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

The Bull Market Of The s : A 5 page paper illustrating that the stock market of recent years has indeed been a bull one. It seems the entire country has been in awe of the performance of the stock market in recent years, and there is talk among economists that the old and classic model of the business cycle might well be obsolete, that "bust" does not always follow "boom.

The factors that have contributed to the long-standing bull market are still in place. There are some hard and fast rules within the universe. Until the early s, one had been that the stock market would rise until stock values had reached a point at which they were overvalued in some degree, then they would "correct. Technology has made astronomical advances and the world has become even smaller as this technology connects many people in many ways. The stock-market reflects these changes. Stock Market Trends : A 5 page trends analysis on the U. Risks In The Stock Market : This 8 page paper provides an overview of the risks inherent in market investments, particularly as it involves insider trading.

Many aspects are considered, from the legal ramifications to the psychological component that propels people to engage in risk taking behavior.

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The big scandals of the eighties are discussed in addition to the trends that have been seen in the nineties as a result of the flood of mergers. A one page outline is provided. Sections include a general introduction; some of the problems in the corn commodity market; new farming methods, volume of corn produced and stock prices.

One graph is included. Bibliograhy lists 9 sources. Agricultural Price Indexes : An 8 page paper discussing price indexes in agriculture. The writer examines the consumer price index and indexes of prices received by individual farmers as well as farming conglomerates. Interest Rate Risk : Derivatives are analyzed in the context of interest rate risk in this 15 page paper. Swaps, forward contracts as well as options are considered.

Various types of options are defined. Controversy concerning use of derivatives, as well as its dangers and benefits, are discussed.

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Managing Interest Rate Risk : 8 pages in length. Citing that bank participation in derivative markets has risen sharply in recent years, the writer discusses interest rate risk and how to manage it with particular application to derivative contracts. Market Correction Through Governmental Regulation : 8 pages in length. We learn from economics texts that for every economic imbalance that occurs, there is a corrective reaction that occurs to reestablish equilibrium.

Those corrective actions are not immediate though, and sometimes they seemingly take forever. Arguing in favor of government control is not to say that businesses need to be regulated in their ability to operate or to make their own decisions, and in fact they need to be encouraged to develop new products and services to be able to remain competitive. Government regulation is required in financial sectors to control those market flaws that cannot be otherwise corrected.

Excellent analysis is provided into the role of money market funds, varying interest rates, and more. Rising Interest Rates : 3 page essay providing a basic overview of the Federal Reserve and rising interest rates.

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Sections include: language to know and understand; what are call and put options; how volatility is determined; different elements to consider before entering this market. An overview of implications concerning dividend distributions as it relates to business law and taxes is included. Loan Choices During Recessionary Times : This 3 page essay examines a fictitious company and its loan choices with the possibility of recession in mind. An overview of economic variables as well as advice about types of loans the company should take are provided.

Bibliography lists 2 sources. The writer discusses SEC involvement, the firm's quick own restoration of its good name and some of the recommendations posed for preventing the occurrence of another scandal in the future. Philip Morris, the leading cigarette manufacturer, consistently posts gains and their three-year stock performance mirrors that of the DOW Industrials. RJR Nabisco posts performance that wanders all over a graph.

The paper concludes that management practice is costing some stockholders even more than billion-dollar settlements. Airline Industry : A 9 page paper on the positive financial effects that yield management pricing has had on the major airlines of the U.

The major airlines, however, are using all their new-found financial might to drive the smaller ones out of their markets and then follow with increased fares when the threat of competition is gone. DLJ is involved in every facet of commercial finance endeavor ranging from investment banking to stock brokering to asset management to institutional equities to emerging markets to any other imaginable aspect of commercial financial operation.

The one discussed in depth is their online investment trading services.

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The paper gives an overview of some budgeting management systems such as incremental, project-based, relevant-cost and performance-based. It determines that the system in place at the time Dial spun off its most recognizable products to a new company, Viad, was most heavily weighted to the incremental system and recommends that the company ensure the use of a system with more accountability, such as the relevant-cost approach.

Management Theorist -- Dr. William G. Ouchi is a graduate school management professor at UCLA who is both academically and civilly active.

follow His best known work, Theory Z, was published in when American business was still scratching their collective heads in trying to understand the Japanese advantage. Ouchi pointed out that advantage, which was revealed to be a Japanese commitment to democratic leadership that resulted in increased quality, increased productivity and decreased costs while making workers at all levels full partners in business. The paper includes education levels required and salaries that can be expected at various levels within the industry, including the salary effect of advanced degrees.

The past, present and future are discussed in terms of how information technology has revolutionized an old institution. The Michigan National Bank and Citicorp are highlighted as industry leaders. The article cites successful uses of technicals and also offers opposing opinions. The Federal Charter would place thrifts in a good competitive position with banks.

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The reviewer offers a synopsis of the article. Alex C. Michalos' arguments are addressed, including counterpoints and his response. The paper posits that Michalos' arguments are adequately supported. Bibliography lists 1 source. Click Here for a Description!

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Careers As Accountants : A 6 page essay that explores several aspects of accounting and auditing as careers. Included is information pertaining to: education and training needed; types of accounting fields; job responsibilities; job outlook; and average salaries.

Bibliography lists 4 source. This paper provides an overview of basic cost accounting structures and considers the importance of cost accounting as it relates to corporate decision-making processes. Thomas Johnson's book that explains the historical significance of managerial business practices and the impact that accounting managment has had only company development. This book is divided into three distinct sections; the first deals with the history and problems inherent in accounting managment, the second poses options, and the third section explores the future of business education as it relates to business managment systems.

This paper divides the task into 4 specific and necessary areas: 1. The paper presents a line by line disciption of how to complete a tax return. Following congressional hearings on the abuses of the Internal Revenue Service directed toward taxpayers over the past recent years and under the influence of the lowest federal budget deficit in thirty years, a measure of tax reform was signed into law in August, , effective during the tax year.

Along with further complicating tax filing and tax planning, the reform has also further complicated associated auditing duties on both the paying and receiving sides. International Accounting Standards : The issue is discussed in a 9 page paper that includes two charts. Three particular sub-issues highlighted include : IAS rules as theu concerns retirement benefits, cash flow reporting and investments.