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Mar 21, There is often overlap between the discussion and conclusion, and in some to avoid when writing the discussion section of your dissertation.

From Howard, he went on to West Virginia State, but in he retired from teaching and devoted himself entirely to scholarship. Woodson moved to Washington, D. If Woodson had stopped there, he still would be remembered for helping to usher in the field of African-American history. But he wanted to spread knowledge of this history to black students of all ages.

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In , he hit upon an idea—a week purely devoted to the celebration of the achievements of African-Americans. The week included the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Black educators, with Woodson's encouragement, rapidly adopted the week-long study of African-American history.

Woodson spent the rest of his life studying, writing about, and promoting black history. He fought to keep African-American history alive at a time when most white historians were actively hostile to the idea. Woodson died at his home in Washington, D. Woodson did not live to see Brown v. Board of Education , which made segregation in schools illegal, nor did he live to see the creation of Black History Month in But his brainchild, Negro History Week, is the direct predecessor of this significant educational advance.

His efforts to highlight the achievements of African-Americans gave to the civil rights generation a deep appreciation of the heroes who had preceded them and in whose footsteps they were following.


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Share Flipboard Email. Lisa Vox, Ph. The Negro race has a rather large share of the last mentioned class" Woodson While he may feel he is being honest about the Negroes reaction to a white-dominated society and education, it does not seem to serve his race well to call a majority of them fools; in fact, it may help flame racial stereotypes that already exist. He continues, "Hundreds of employees of African blood frankly. Woodson applies a sociological approach to the study of race and social justice.

Like W. Du Bois and Booker T.

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Washington, who can be considered his contemporaries, Woodson frames his discourse on social justice in sociological terms. The author shows how the sociological institution of education serves as an indoctrination device, inculcating values and beliefs that inhibit the. After completing his Master's at the University of Chicago in he attended the elite Sorbonne University in Paris, becoming fluent in French.

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The civil rights movement was many years off when Woodson became a member of the Niagara Movement, but it could be said that the Niagara Movement was the precursor to the civil rights movement of the s. He then went back to working in the mines, studying Latin and Greek between trips.

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After beginning college at the University of Chicago, he graduated with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. He went on to receive his PhD from Harvard University in He was the second black to receive a doctorate in History. Journal of Negro History.

In Dr. The Journal of Negro History appeared a year later. He taught at a few universities before becoming a principal at Armstrong Manual Training School in To many people it wouldn't seem like a man like Carter G. Woodson would have an affect on my life. I'm not black, and I haven't lived through hard times, so it may be hard for some people to understand.

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Woodson had an affect on my life because he made something of himself and he didn't think that anyone owed him anything. It inspires me to see how determined this man was to succeed, and how he did it with no one's help. I think Dr.

Woodson is one of the most heroic men I have ever heard of. He is a great role model and he will always be remembered. Essays on Heroism.